5 Ways You Can Personalize Pens and Wooden Photo Frames

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When it comes to thoughtful gifts, personalized gift items stand their grounds affirm in most situations. Where usual gifts demand heavy mental processing and a fair amount of investment before the gift even begins to become interesting, personalized gifts come in handy with affordability and a heart-touching impression on the recipient. Even something as simple as a pen can become a thoughtful pick if personalized and not only this but personalization turns a usual photo frame gift into a piece that the recipient wishes to treasure for life. Here we aim to inform you about how you can personalize a pen with names and a wooden photo frame to express more than we can expect.

Personalised pen with name

Everybody loves to see their names printed or engraved on things that belong to them. Gifting your recipient, a personalized pen with the name will surely delight them and will make them to keep it safe and be reminded of your thoughtful decision. Such a pen can be used as a gift for close relations as well as official relations.

Pair a pen with different boxes

For making it a complete gift, pair your pen with different box options like a customized wooden box or a completely customized wooden combo gift set of a personalized pen, keychain and card holder which is available exclusively at presto gift’s online portal. Such a gift would delight your colleagues and bosses. Whereas for close relations or family, you can choose from a range of different wooden multi-holders or gift box combos especially designed for your recipients.


Personalized wooden photo frames

Photo frames are a common choice when it comes to personalised gifting items. Although, how about we tell you that you can personalize a photo frame even further? Yes, presto gifts, which is one of the leading personalized gift companies, offers you the most exciting ways you can personalize your picture frames.

Engrave wooden frames with a message, name or even a picture

All photo frames can be customized with a custom picture; however, presto gifts offer you to customize the frame itself in a variety of ways. With laser-engraved photo frames, you can add the recipient’s name or a complete message of your choice along with heart shapes and slogans for the receiver of the gift. Such a gift can be an ideal choice for close relations including friends and family. Other than this you can also get a whole image engraved on personalized laser-engraved wooden photo plaques.

Dedicate a song through a personalized wooden photo frame

Presto gifts offer wooden photo frames with QR code engraving which lets you choose a song of your choice or a whole playlist and get its QR engraved on your gift, scanning which, the recipient will be able to listen to your dedicated playlist at one go. Such customization will express your feelings and add to the value of the gift for the receiver.